Lunges in Leggings Outdoor Bootcamp

13 Oct 2018 12:00
→ 13 Oct 2018 13:00
Lunges in Leggings
Lunges in Leggings
London Fields - London
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Lunges in Leggings Outdoor Bootcamp returns for the summer of 2018! Games, partner exercises, circuit, HIIT, you know how we roll. See you in the park!

And of course, drinks and food to follow.


Lunges in Leggings Outdoor Bootcamp combines cardio, strength, flexibility, and a whole lotta fun, giving you an effective, fat-burning, and sweaty workout, where you leave smiling (of exhaustion and, well, campy fun). The class structure is made up of a warmup, game/workout to music routine, HIIT-based partner exercises, a strength-focused circuit, and a cool down yoga flow. What better way to get fit than doing a routine to a RuPaul or Kylie song. Bring a friend and come work out with us!

What: Lunges in Leggings
When: Saturdays 12PM
Where: Haggerston Park